How to Buy Low on eBay & Sell High on Amazon

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I started making money in the first week of reading this book. Great book for a newbie like me. Perfect for getting your feet wet.

Urbano Hernandez, Merchant

What the Experts Say:

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    Jim Cockrum

    Best Selling Author, founder of Proven Amazon Course, MySilentTeam and OfflineBiz

    "I found this guide to be incredibly creative."

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    Skip McGrath

    Amazon & eBay Mega-seller and Founder of

    "[B.L.e.S.H.a.] shows you in great detail how to exploit the mistakes other sellers make to buy low on eBay and turn around and sell the items on eBay or Amazon at very nice profits."

  • Nathan Holmquist

    Amazon book mega-seller, Founder of Scanlister, and

    "I use the strategy [in the B.L.e.S.H.a. guide] quite a bit...I bought a Dell Axim PDA for $72.95 and I listed it on Amazon for over $150"

In just MINUTES, you'll discover:


  1. Profit proof:  I show you MY records of what products I bought
    on eBay, and what those same items sold for on Amazon)
  2. 12 (twelve) 'eBay Devaluators': I expose little-known 'mistakes' in eBay sellers' listings that almost always lead to low winning bids, This allows you (the savvy buyer-turned-seller) to resell the item for a big profit..
  3. How to automate 80% of the work involved in looking for, and
    bidding on, eBay products to buy online and resell for a profit.
  4. 5 bonus videos showing you my exact, step-by-step methods
  5. My own 60-Day 'No Questions Asked' 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
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About The Author

Jordan Malik's company provides, software, information services, and guides that help online sellers and marketers remarkably improve sales and profits..

From 2011 to 2014, Malik authored and published six (6) best-selling help books for eBay and Amazon sellers. All six titles are among the highest-rated E-commerce books on

Jordan has a BA (cum laude) from Northeastern University, and dual MBA/MS from Boston University.

Jordan is one of the 'most trusted' marketing experts as noted by industry watchdog site He is a top-ranked paid advisor at entrepreneur site, and a two-time recipient of's Top Holiday Seller award.

Jordan lives in Las Vegas, NV

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