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Savvy Amazon sellers use Intellizon to 1.) download up to 2500 ASINs from many U.S. Amazon sellers, and 2.) Get sourcing and selling data for their products - All with just 1 click!

  •  Get instant access to sourcing and selling info - see a sample
  •  Easy, safe to install software
  • Ideal for private label and book sellers 
  •  Works with Tactical Arbitrage, ASINspector, PriceChecker2, OAXray & ScanPower Evaluate
  •  100% legal & Amazon compliant - does not violate any Terms of Service
  •  Pay once and get all updates and access - nothing more to pay, ever!

Intellizon review

"I purchased Intellizon and immediately, randomly picked a storefront from the included 500+ Storefronts spreadsheet. I found a brand with several pet supply products ranked below 10k. A few minutes later, I Googled the brand, found the brand owner's site, and submitted an application for wholesale from a link on the site. Thank you for creating such a valuable and inexpensive tool and I look forward to what additional products I can source!"

 - Thomas Campbell, Amazon seller

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

Ken Car Intellizon review

"Intellizon helped me find a single product that will net me about $1,000 profit per month! Intellizon is a great addition to my toolbox. Great job, Jordan!"

 - Ken Carr, Amazon seller

Intellizon testimonial 3

"Intellizon is a very effective time saver. Works just like in the video. Thanks for the awesome software!"

- Dan Branstetter, Amazon seller

Intellizon testimonial 6

"This is definitely very useful software, and i have already been able to make it work for me and my Amazon business."

 - Nick Markese, Amazon seller

honey wesley intellizon review

"It's like Jordan's Intellizon has flung open the doors of Amazon and said "You can sell virtually anything you want!"

- Honey Wesley, Amazon seller 

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"With Intellizon, I am finding product sources that I never heard of. The software reduces hours of research for me and allows me to contact the provider direct."

 - Frank Schmitt, Amazon seller


About the Creator

Jordan Malik Amazon

“My name is Jordan Malik. I have helped thousands of e-commerce merchants remarkably improve sales and profits via my blog, info services, software, bestselling books, and podcasts.

Thanks for checking out Intellizon!"

— Jordan Malik

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